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Reversible Cat Cuddle - Purple

The Reversible Mood Hug from Cuddle Kings!

This Purple Cat Cuddle version is made of extremely soft material and is ideal for cuddling! The cuddly toy is easy to turn and very easy to use, because of its fine finish and small shape it can also be taken anywhere!

Why a Mood Hug?

Some people often find it difficult to indicate their emotions, for example, think of your child who wants to be alone for a while, or your girlfriend who is a bit grumpy again... .
Maybe you want to let them know if you want to be alone for a while or maybe you're open to a conversation.
With this cuddly toy you can indicate what your mood is and it is also easier to see what the mood is of someone else who uses this cuddly toy. This can make awkward situations a bit more negotiable because this is an easy way to express emotions.

This does not mean that this is the only reason to buy this cuddly toy, it is of course also just half cute and sweet and half tough and angry. Of course always nice to have a cuddly toy in the house!

Comments about this Purple version of the Mood Plush

Due to its soft finish, we can vacuum pack this cuddly toy, making it easy to fit through the letterbox!
So don't be alarmed if you suddenly receive a flat cuddly toy, you can easily open the packaging and the cuddly toy will take its normal shape in no time!

Don't wait any longer and get your own Mood Hug at home!