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Axolotl Plush Green

The one and only Axolotl Plushy from Knuffelkings.

This super cute Amphibian is one of the most popular animals because it is known for its cute appearance. And now you can collect them all as cuddly toys!

This cuddly toy is very nice to collect, because we have no less than 8 different colors! Unfortunately he can't swim but he will always be cute...

Now collect them all and add them to your collection!

Some information about the animal:

The Axolotl, also known as the Mexican Salamander, is best known for its remarkable appearance. The animal lives mainly under water and retains its larval characteristics throughout its life. Unlike other salamanders, the animals do not undergo metamorphosis. The animal also occurs in the wild and was first discovered in the early 19th century. There are many different types of Axolotls but they are all equally cute because they look like they are smiling, the legs and main blades also look graceful. The animal is also easy to maintain and is therefore a very popular addition to the home aquarium! In real life, the animals can grow up to 30 or sometimes 40 cm.

Product properties:
- The cuddly toy is 17cm long and from ear to ear also 17cm wide
- The cuddly toy is made of soft plush material and has beady eyes
- The cuddly toy is always well packed so that it arrives safely and completely!
- The cuddly toy has a removable label with the official CE logo on it