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Weighted cuddly toy 35cm - Yellow

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The Weighted Anxiety Plush-Toy from KnuffelKings

Weighted cuddly toys have many benefits, and they can greatly help with anxiety, especially with children. Below is all the information and the benefits of the Weighted Anxiety Hug.

Why an Weighted Plush?

As indicated in the name, this cuddly toy is a bit heavier than normal cuddly toys, this cuddly toy is filled with special soft weight bags and soft filling. It is very nice and soothing to hold a weighted hug or have it on your lap. It is said that weighted soft objects generally release a nice emotion, for example also think of a weighted blanket, and how much comfort it brings. A weighted hug on your lap can also make you feel like you have a cat on your lap.

There's a scientific term for the calming effect of a weighted hug or blanket, it's called Deep Pressure Stimulation. When a child or even an adult squeezes or simply holds the plush toy, it gives a sense of security and calmness, which triggers a chain reaction of calm and calms the nervous system.

The hug has many advantages for people with, among other things, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, ADHD and / or various forms of autism, because it can offer these people a lot of peace and quiet.

Product information:

  • The cuddly toy has a weight of 1KG (1000grams)
  • The cuddly toy is filled with soft polyester (fiberfill)
  • The cuddly toy contains several weighted bags filled with small recycled plastic pallets
  • The cuddly toy has a soft, but firm plush skin, perfect for cuddling!
  • The dimensions of the cuddly toy are 35-30-15 centimeters (lxwxhx)

Get your own Weighted Anxiety Hug now and try it out!

NB! This cuddly toy is not suitable for children under 3 years old or people with breathing or heart problems, a weighted cuddly toy is often difficult for small children to move, which can cause a choking hazard.