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Jug Cuddle Belt Koala


The Jug Plush-Toy Belt from Knuffelkings®!

Especially during the cold Winter days it is difficult to keep yourself warm , wear thick socks, a thick sweater, even a blanket... We at Cuddle Kings® have a solution for that!

Everyone is now familiar with the hot water jug , but the annoying thing about it is that you couldn't take it with you if you want to quickly grab something from the kitchen, for example. What could be more convenient than a simple , cute and soft belt that you can easily put on, where you want it most!

How do you use The Jug Plush-Toy Belt ?

  • First put the cover around the jug , you can easily do this by folding the jug in half so that it fits in the cover (the jug must be empty for this).
  • Unscrew the cap, fill the jug with warm water (60°C) , and then close the cap tightly again!
  • There is a pouch on the inside of the belt, put the jug in here, there is only one opening so that the jug cannot easily fall out again.
  • Then put the belt on the desired place, the most common place is around your waist , the hot water bottle often helps against abdominal cramps and stress .
  • The size of the belt is of course adjustable , so you can put it as tight as you want!

What are the benefits of a Jug Belt ?

A hot water bottle is of course always useful to warm up your cold feet , but it also helps against abdominal cramps , such as menstruation in women. Hot water bottles are also good to use when you are lying in bed or on the couch. A heat source can make you more relaxed , which can take away pain and even reduce stress .

Don't wait any longer and warm yourself this winter with your own Jug Plush-Toy Belt From Knuffelkings!