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Bubble Tea Plush Happy 50cm Beige

Do you also like to laze on the couch or watch TV in your bed? Maybe you are going on holiday by car, train or plane? This pillow is ideal for any occasion, because of its soft, but also firm shape you will never have to worry about your neck again, how chill is that?

This hug is rapidly growing in popularity by the well-known 'Bubble Tea' (Boba) drink, and we have them in all shapes and sizes! This cuddly toy is not only fun and cute, but also made of the softest material making it an ideal pillow.

The nice thing about these cuddly toys is that they come in many different types, so also nice to collect, choose your favorite color or taste. Anyway, we've got it for you!

Give yourself some fun and get your own Bubble Tea Cuddly Toy now!